Welcome to Tiptek, a manufacturer of ultra-hard and ultra-sharp probes for atomic force microscopy (AFM) applications.

Tiptek's AFM probes have tips that are coated with an extremely hard conductive coating and then sharpened to a radius-of-curvature of under 5 nm. This combination of hard coating and sharpening means that Tiptek's AFM probes enable the user to obtain very high resolution AFM images over long periods of use, unlike conventional probes constructed of silicon or silicon nitride which quickly suffer from degraded resolution owing to tip wear.

Tiptek's proprietary manufacturing methods will allow us to sell extremely high quality probes at a competitive price.

Tiptek is currently perfecting its wafer-scale manufacturing process, and expects to make its probes available for purchase in late 2012. Inquiries, however, are welcome - see our contact page for contact details.   


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